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Customer Satisfaction

Established in year 2000, CD (Beglium) Company , branch of China Diamond Corporation Limited. It embraces an integrated model of business that includes the sourcing of rough diamonds, processing and polishing them to obtain polished diamonds, as well as marketing them domestically and internationally through various established channels.

CD (Beglium) Company was co-founded by Mr. Darshan Bhagat, a creative entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing and trading of rough and polished diamonds, and Mr. Yau Kung Wan; a highly experienced and reputed jewelry manufacturer with over 35 years’ experience in manufacturing of diamond jewelry sold locally and worldwide.

We place prime importance in sustaining and enhancing our reputation, which is based on trust, and the value created by meeting consumers’ demands and expectations. A valued player in this field, we endure to build a valuable position to ensure continuous success for the group.


Cost Control

The establishment of our multiple factories in China has aided us in effectively reducing our costs and increasing our efficiency in the production of polished diamonds.



Our own manufacture goods and constant supply, ensuring that our clients are supplied with goods of high standard, quality and what they need.


Legal Compliance

The Company is in compliance with all international, national, and local legislatures governing the business of polished diamonds.


Stock Control

Our inventory consists of diamonds in varies shapes, sizes and color. In addition, a large or volume of our goods are certified by highly respected authorities such as the GIA, the IGI, and HRD.


Company Ethics

Our firm gives immense importance to our global client relations. We believe in trustworthy and honest relationships with all our clients in order to ensure satisfactory costumer service. Hand in hand, we aim to establish long lasting relationship with our clients through mutual understanding and shared opportunities.


Trade Shows

Since our establishment, CD (Belgium) Compoany has been participating in varies trade shows around the world. Our participation has grown over the years and continues to, as the firm itself expands within Asia.


Our Employees

Our initial set up in Hong Kong originally consisted of 2 experts in the industry. To date, the firm employs over 15 individuals specializing in different areas of the work related world. From Financial Controllers to Graduate Gemologists each employee works with passion, dignity and integrity. This has allowed us to put into practice the principles that drive the success of the company.


Our strategic

Our strategic priorities are to maintain our leadership through our alliances, in the diamond industry. Furthermore, we strive to continue to gain international market share and recognize the increasing competitiveness of the industry. Our clients, as the world's leading manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, are continuously seeking ways to add value and strengthen the reputation of our firm. Our global network enables us to identify and respond rapidly to market shifts. For the future of CD (Belgium) Compoany, we strive to expand the company, build public awareness of our branded house, and find ways to innovate in the diamond industry.